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Agritourism Program In Cyprus Tourism Essays

Agritourism Program In Cyprus Tourism Essays Agritourism Program In Cyprus Tourism Essay Agritourism Program In Cyprus Tourism Essay constitution of agritourism improvement and introduction program had taken topographic point ( Hsu, 2005 ) . The manor nations in Sumatra and Java in Indonesia have been grown essentially for country touristry. In Korea, a gathering of in excess of five homestead families with place remain unassuming communities close to tourer resorts have been created as visitor ranches. In Malaysia, the specialists siphons out the vast majority of the financess for in excess of 30 agritourism habitats ( Sharpley A ; Vass, 2006 ) . Malayan Minister of Agriculture has stressed the significance of upsetting the agribusiness division, in the gathering of Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Crops, saying, we will other than try to change a large number of our agrarian and exploration Stationss in to tourers finishs ( Hamid, 2000 ) . Hsu ( 2005 ) has announced that, in Taiwan, agritourism was proposed by the Department of Agricultural Extension of the National Taiwan University and the Council of Agriculture in 1989. In 1993, the gathering of Agriculture supported the Leisure Farm controlling Development and Management Program to help the husbandmans the individuals who were keen on differentiating their course conspires. In 1996, the Leisure Farm Guiding Regulations was defined by the specialists. Other than the old points, support of homestead owners to join neighborhood social exercises into their bearing plans to boot the nearby monetary framework was other than underscored. In India Agro Rural Tourism ( ART ) is an arrangement to happen answer for show signs of improvement of farming occupation. In this way, the Agro Rural Tourism can be a best helper worry for Agriculture. Workmanship is making a trip to be composed non simply on a created mystery plan like a retreat, yet close to on the immense environment of action horticulture set up, if this farming is nicely incorporated and supportable, obviously. Significance will be given to the biological reasonings of the nation. Hence ART will naturally back up the planetary develop of Environmental Security . Additionally, Haryana Tourism, ( 2007 ) revealed that, Haryana Tourism in India is the main territory in the state built up agritourism coaction with 13 ranches close to Delhi which tries to open a perspective on new possibilities, for example, melodic sound of nature, unadulterated air, seting angel seeds, siting bullock trucks, natural supplement, social legacy, ordinary citizens conventions, delights of nature and so forth. The ranches are situated in Faridabad, Gurgon, Rohtak and Karnal regions of Haryana. Other than postulations topographic focuses, there are agritourism finishs in nations, for example, Mahrashtra, Kerala, Panjab and so forth. Agribusiness and agritourism in Thailand is going in front, contrasted with different states in the part. At present, 80 Agricultural analysis Stationss are in the state providing support for the agribusiness area in army ways. Out of 80 the investigation Stationss, 17 Stationss have been created by the Department of Agriculture as agritourism activities sing the fit attributes of each finish like instructive worth, their area, significance as a chief touristry topographic point, their accessible boarding establishment and so on. It is accounted for that there is a popularity for those finishs by nearby every piece great as remote visitants. Manual to agritourism presented by the secretary of the Tourism Office, Department of Agriculture, gives all the utile data to every one of the 17 habitats including the basic tourer schedule ( Department of Agriculture Thailand, 2004 ) . Other than Public agritourism communities, there are numerous private finishs which offer the assistance to v isitants in grouped graduated tables. Homestead Chokchai in Nawankoon, Choto Re Leai in Loei, VaVee Station and Doi Tuny in Chiang Ria, Ang Kang Station ( Royal endeavor ) in Chiang Mai are the absolute best representations. Agritourism in Sri Lanka is in the developing stage and there are simply a couple finishs accessible at present in the state. Despite the fact that there are establishments to see ranch lands by open for nothing out of pocket upon foremost appeal, agritourism as a worry is as yet another develop for the vast majority of the country nations. Furthermore, husbandmans have lack of discernment and achievement to get down agritourism procedure on their ain. In spite of the fact that a couple of husbandmans have the conceivable, they need outside help and direction to begin. Despite the fact that there is sure level of encounters on agritourism in barely any Asiatic states, a large portion of the directly accessible encounters are mainly from financially propelled states holding enormous ranches. For case, in USA and Canada, the mean size of a little scope ranch is 1000 hour point and in Canada 1500ha severally, and they are a lot bigger than huge scope ranches in Asia. In this way, there is a vulnerability whether we can utilize these encounters directly to Asiatic states like Sri Lanka, especially to the little scope rustic husbandmans. Summing up the realities, it is extremely obvious that agritourism, as a turning part, has a sound establishment for bring forthing salary in provincial nations of numerous states. Wicks A ; Merrett ( 2003 ) have referenced that, agritourism advancement can be effectively incorporated into neighborhood monetary frameworks, condition and country ways of life without an extraordinary break. In any case, in some condition of affairss they have non had the option to give the normal outcome. Moreover, the majority of the encounters of agritourism which I went over during my writing study were, from created and great propelled states. Contrasted with creating states, those husbandmans have huge size ranches, great guidance A ; building and a group of different establishments and specialists backing to run a homestead concern great. Additionally, general individuals have a group of opportunities to indict in movement and touristry as visitants. Yet, the status of the ranches in Sri Lanka is diverse in numerous aspects. Subsequently, the request we have is whether agritourism in Sri Lanka would give a similar outcome as the other created regions? 3.2.9 Agritourism and ranch touristry Ranch touristry can be clarified as the methodology of sing a homestead for an excursion, take separating in its tasks and larning about farming. Fitting to Haryana Tourism Corporation Limited ( 2012 ) the build of homestead touristry imagines commitment of private segment the husbandmans/ranch house owners dependent on open private organization. The homestead house owners go about as the two has and ushers to the sing tourer. Inclination is given to cultivate which have farming area appended. The homestead house owner should gracefully put cooked supplement, stay establishments and demo the visitant the farming examples, for example, blossom cultivating, collect home, honey bee keeping up, dairying and so on and present to him the modest community way of life through grouped participatory exercises. The visitants can loll the normal milieus in natural air. The visitant gets an introduction of nearby network life which means go toing a panchayet meeting, presentation of neighborhood vocals, supplement, moves, workmanship and exchange etc.The circuit of unassuming community incorporates sing the neighborhood craftsmans like the woodworker, metal forger and so on. The visitants have understanding of celebration crossroads, for example, marriage and neighborhood repasts. They can other than partake or witness humble community games, for example, wresting, gulidanda kite winging and have ride on bullock truck, tractor and so on. Encounters, for example, jumping on the roughage and scrubbing down in the well could be separated from everyone else trademark for the individuals and children from urban nations. They can other than observe the of import jamborees and celebrations being composed in these nations alongside of import commemorations, have lies, verifiable locales and so on. Each homestead can take at building up an alone marketing point some are gaining practical experience in natural horticulture ) . The footings ranch touristry and agritourism are utilized conversely, as inclination for use is diverse geologically. In England, the term ranch touristry is utilized ; on the East Coast, agritourism is utilized ( Rilla, 2012 ) . Utilization of the term ranch touristry is non each piece basic as agritourism and the majority of the scholars have utilized the term agritourism and homestead touristry conversely or as comparable word in their surveies ( Beglaryan, 2011 ; Phillip, Hunter A ; Blackstone, 2010 ; Hepburn, 2008 ; Bruch, 2008 ; Kline et Al ; Hepburn, 2008 ; Barbieri A ; Mshenga, 2008 ; Roberts A ; Hall, 2001 ; Wall, 2000 ) . To the best of my discernment, no 1 has thought about and differentiate agritourism and ranch touristry yet. 3.3 Agritourism and Rural Development There are a few groundss for agritourism s part for rustic improvement from arranged states. Not simply in created states, investigates in creating states have other than found many happening sing this marvel as agritourism has capacity to open up interchange pay beginnings for the husbandmans each piece great as environing network. An As it is a people-situated industry, agritourism can offer numerous occupations which have assisted with reviving provincial monetary frameworks. Agritourism has various ways and offices of helping country improvement and has capacity to follow up on the monetary, socio-social and ecological improving of certain social orders. 3.3.1 Agritourism and provincial advancement in created states There are numerous significant surveies in evolved states identified with agritourism and provincial turn of events. According to the study of Haghiri and Okech ( 2011 ) on capacity of the agritourism heading in building up the financial arrangement of provincial nations in the territory of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada , in rustic turn of events, agritourism Acts of the Apostless as an answer for the activity of need by giving monetary possibilities for the husbandmans. They have referenced that the exposure of touristry and agritourism exercises is one way to help build up the monetary arrangement of provincial nations in the express that is going up against a progression of difficulties, su

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Problem Solution Argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Issue Solution Argument - Essay Example The multi-billion dollars scholarly research subsidized by advertisers is manipulative and deceptive so it ought to be viewed as unlawful. Advertisers reserve the options to discover ways on the best way to improve their administrations to expand their benefits. Nonetheless, there ought to be a breaking point to how they utilize such ways and keep up moral standards as they work. Foundation Information Large organizations recruit scientists, specialists, and experts to direct investigations on the different human practices utilizing various strategies. Particularly during worldwide emergency, organizations are increasingly headed to build their business benefits. As per Gladwell article, â€Å"the time per visit that the normal American spends in a shopping center was sixty-six minutes a year ago down from seventy-two minutes in 1992-and is the most minimal number recorded† (Gladwell 95). With monetary issues, consumers’ interests of going to shopping centers had fallen . In spite of the drop in the quantity of hours purchasers spend in shopping centers, sellers’ benefits can be improved through investigates on buyer practices. Paco Underhill is a specialist who moved on from Columbia who had examined long periods of shopping tape in the previous decades (Gladwell 95). Through examining purchaser practices, advertisers perceive that not all customers are the equivalent, which is the reason advertisers presently do division of buyers. Division is another successful stunt and technique utilized by advertisers to have the option to make the correct commercial for the focused on purchasers. Children are very much affected by the division framework. Notice has changed quickly from just a couple of huge organizations, for example, Disney, McDonald, and others, however in our contemporary society, presently practically all organizations target kids for their own advantages. As indicated by Eric Schlosser, â€Å"Today youngsters are being focused b y telephone organizations, oil organizations, and automobilecompanies just as attire stores and café chains†. Youngsters are presented to 40,000 advertisements for each year. American Companies are recorded to burn through $800 million every year for kids’ ad and the incomes are triple. With $800 introductory cash, they earned $29 billion incomes. Also, the Europeans create incomes between $620 to $930 million. This shows kids carry enormous benefits to numerous makers. Advertisers didn't just do overviews yet they additionally centered around children to be addressed subtly without their parents’ notice to get the data. Because of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act that produced results on April, 2000, children’s introduction to mishandle are somewhat constrained. These days, clubs appear to be the pattern in getting to youngsters. â€Å"According to one Burger King official, the formation of a Burger King Kids Club in 1991 expanded the deals of kids' suppers as much as 300 percent† (Schlosser). What's more, analysts discovered that around 80 percent of children long for creatures. This data is utilized by numerous advertisers to make fanciful figures that will be enjoyed by the small kids, utilized for promotions to lure them. It is fascinating to take note of how advertisers target kids since they are handily controlled because of their youthfulness. In conclusion, the other procedure utilized by the analysts is Neuromarketing, a procedure where the potential reactions of shoppers are concentrated so as to make items that would meet their ‘

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John Proctor Cruicible

The mania of black magic fills the boulevards of Salem, Massachusetts with gossipy tidbits and allegations prompting the hanging of nineteen honest individuals. Arthur Miller utilizes this disaster to look like a similar idiocy of the allegations of the penetration of socialists in the United States all through the sass's.To show the ludicrousness of the allegations, Miller needed to make a hero with non-traditionalist perspectives that would challenge the Insanity raised by the invented encounters of black magic. Mill operator makes the character John Proctor, an anecdotal character who doesn't comply with the franticness of Salem. Now and again he may appear as though an awful man attempting to carry out something to be thankful for, be that as it may, despite what might be expected, Is a serious decent man. Through the activities after his undertaking with Abigail, by guarding his significant other, and by defending his strict and individual perspectives, John Proctor demonstrates that he is for sure a decent man.It can't be denied that John Proctor took part in an extramarital entanglements with Abigail Williams. He accomplished something incorrectly and his activities frequent him all through the play. He broke the 6th precept, but since he is a miscreant doesn't mean he is a horrible man. Everybody has trespassed, and they can't attempt to change that. It is the means by which they manage sin that resists what their identity is. John Proctor shows that he Is not awful by having the sentiment of blame. For without blame, it would imply that what he did, in his eyes didn't feel wrong. This Is not the case in light of the fact that during demonstration one, while Proctor Is Introduced,Abigail entices him while they are separated from everyone else. Abigail: Give me a word John. A delicate word. Her concentrated want devastates his grin. John: No, no, Baby. That is finished with. (Mill operator 22) Proctor denies all allurements that would prompt the sentimen t of blame later on, indicating his great ethics just as his affection for Elizabeth despite everything exists. Despite the fact that John sold out Elizabeth, he despite everything cherishes her and will secure her regardless of the conditions. One Instance that Proctor could without much of a stretch be ridden of his better half Is left her alone taken and afterward in the long run get with Abigail.It appears to be somewhat incredible, yet is responses are those of any great man in that he protects his significant other. Less expensive asks, Cheaper: Now, lady, if you don't mind, kindly to accompany me? John: She won't! (73) He shields Elizabeth too in court by surrendering his great name to attempt to soil Abigail. In any event, when they reveal to him that Elizabeth has been given a year for pregnancy to have an infant, this doesn't stop him since he needs to attempt to free the entirety of the wrongly denounced. Albeit, much after he admits to the issue, his significant other gu ards him by not telling the truth.This shows that all through everything that happens a wise lady, for example, Elizabeth despite everything cherishes John. She realizes that John committed an error, yet he is as yet the great man that she became hopelessly enamored with. In adoring Elizabeth, John thinks about her when she is wiped out. The consideration for his better half prompts numerous nonappearances in chapel. Just going to â€Å"twenty-six time in seventeen month† (64) can be accepted that it isn't just barely on the grounds that he thought about his better half, but since he couldn't have cared less for the reverend. John's insubordination of Reverend Paris from the outset appears to Just match Proctor's character of rebelliousness.On the opposite, his resistance shows the DOD side of him. This shows he accepts that Paris' covetousness ought to have nothing to do with the congregation that he was so associated with previously. He likewise is a solid devotee that the spot of love doesn't make a difference, it's the nature of love that usurps the area. This uncovers he really thinks enough about his strict convictions that when he felt that Paris was not a decent strict impact on his kids he gradually started to go to chapel less and less. This belief system is appeared during act two. Robust: Mr.. Delegate, your home isn't a congregation; your philosophy must let you know that.John: It does, sir, it does; and it reveals to me that a clergyman may go to God without he have a brilliant candles upon the special stepped area. (65) Proctor's early introduction on the peruser is one of an imperfect man. He gradually needs to procure the peruser's regard and turns into the hero of the story. He underpins his significant other in her critical crossroads. He resists all endeavors by Abigail to start another undertaking. He chances all he needs to attempt to go to bat for what he accepts is correct. Through his activities in The Crucible, John Proctor ear ned the regard he merits and is appeared as the great man that he genuinely may be.

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Russian Intolerance of Homosexual Behavior - 1110 Words

Although homophobia exists in nearly all societies, Russia has recently gained notoriety for its intolerance of homosexual behavior. In a world that is becoming more and more accepting and tolerant of homosexuality, Russia seems to be moving backward when it comes to LGBTQ rights, existing in a tightly conservative macrosystem. Many Russian’s hold a constructionist view of homosexuality, meaning outside forces are responsible for influencing â€Å"untraditional† behaviors, rather than the contemporary essentialist view, meaning homosexuality is an inborn trait (Welch, 146). Understandably, Russia’s tumultuous political past must be a strong contributor to today’s attitudes towards homosexuality and other sexual orientations. Under the Tsars,†¦show more content†¦Especially made apparent recently during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, another factor is the use of the state run and social media outlets which influence the homophobic attitudes among wo rking class Russians due to this hegemony or dominance of heterosexism as the norm by those in charge. National and local news agencies do nothing but glorify the actions of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin, and this is effectively brainwashing the public into believing they are in a state of normality. Due to the enactment of the Anti-Gay Propaganda Law by Vladimir Putin and the Duma, the profile of the LGBTQ community has raised significantly in social and state media. Almost all of these reports are outright hostile or else noticeably negative towards homosexuality (Ennis, 1). The state-controlled news network Rossiya 1 is largely responsible for anti-gay propaganda, stating that homosexuals are an aggressive minority and that â€Å"40% of children raised in a same-sex household have venereal diseases† (Ennis, 2). One journalist for Rossiya 1 stated that Russian society is in danger of being engulfed by a â€Å"homosexual sodomite tsunami†. Social media is also being used in the harassment of the LGBTQ community with vigilante groups setting up â€Å"ambushes† luring them to meetings and then humiliating them on camera (Luhn, 1), and even forced to come out to loved ones on some occasions. These videos are then uploaded on websites such asShow MoreRelatedRussia and the Underlying Causes of Homophobia597 Words   |  2 Pagesits intolerance of homosexual behavior. In a world that is becoming more and more accepting and tolerant of homosexuality, Russia seems to be moving backward when it comes to LGBTQ rights. Understandably, Russia’s tumultuous political past must be a strong contributor to today’s attitudes towards homosexuality. Under the Tsars, homosexuality was a crime punishable by imprisonment or death, after Lenin came to power after the October Revolution, homosexuality was decriminalized and homosexuals wereRead MoreCensoring The Censorship Of Media3205 Words   |  13 Pagesthat support hatred towards the LGBT co mmunity. With homosexuality being illegal â€Å"in Cameroon, as it is in 76 other countries around the world. But in Cameroon the police and courts seek to actively prosecute. Around a dozen people are jailed for homosexual offences each year. Even more disturbing is the homophobia that is being stoked in society, and the violence that hate can release† (â€Å"Hate Unleashed†). Is not just one country that makes it impossible for gay people to be free and openly gay, thereRead More Superiority of Races in Sinclair Lewis Babbitt Essay example2147 Words   |  9 PagesSuperiority of Races in Babbit      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Hatred, intolerance, prejudice, and narrow-mindedness are all terms that can be applied when describing someone who is a bigot.   By these terms George F. Babbitt, the protagonist in Sinclair Lewis Babbitt, and many of his acquaintances are quite the bigots toward all those that appear different than he is especially immigrants and minorities in America.   The blame should not be placed squarely on these mens shoulders for possessing such hateRead MorePsy Evaluation Essay11057 Words   |  45 Pagesof money. C. close surveillance of employees. D. advantages of playing black jack. ANS:C PG6-7 6. A behavior pattern of compulsive substance abuse is the definition of: A. contemporary perspective B. metacommunication C. incompatible with the biopsychosocial model D. the concept of addiction ANS:D PG9 7. According to the text, to understand the pain connected with addictive and compulsive behavior, one must: A. focus on harm reduction. B. understand the pleasure side of the activity. C. emphasizeRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesTwo-thirds of the westward and eastward migrations out of Europe from 1500 to 1820 were coerced in some form (serfs, indentured servants, military conscripts, and convicts).10 Coercion was more complete for the 1–3 million Poles, Ukrainians, and Russians traded in the Crimean Tartar slave traffic during the seventeenth century. The same was true in the largest migrations of any period before the mid-nineteenth century: the move of 10 million African slaves across the Atlantic and of a similarRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagestranslation. For example, it funded a project to develop a computer program that could readily translate from English to Russian and also from Russian to English. After years of heavy investment, one of the researchers tested the main product of all these efforts by feeding in the following English sentence: The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. The researcher then took the Russian output and fed it into the machine to be translated back into English, expecting to get something close to the original

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Case Study Residence And Source - 1206 Words

CASE STUDY 1: RESIDENCE AND SOURCE Obtaining citizen of a country means enjoying all the facilities and exemptions provided by that country. Each country has some kind of privileges, rights and facilities which the country born individuals can only enjoy. People from outside country are debarred of those. However there are many cases where many outsiders have to stay in a country for many years. This will put them to many troubles as they do not have sufficient rights to enjoy. There long tern tenure may affect their daily requirements and even financial constraints (Batrouney, 2005). Therefore governments of different countries have made some standard rules and regulations for outsiders who used to spend most of their time staying and†¦show more content†¦They too have to take care of some of the responsibilities being allocated to them. A mutual relationship starts between both the parties and both get benefited by it. The migration story of an individual will become a dream come true. Considering the case study of Kit, is a permanent resident of Australia, is also an example of people who come from other country and get settled here (Batrouney, 2005). He was borned in Chile (a country of America) and retains his Chilean citizenship. He was appointed by his company to work in Australia since long. According to the terms and conditions provided by the Australian government, Kit was able to get the permanent resident of Australia. He fulfils following conditions made by the federal government to provide citizenship to the migrants. Those are, †¢ The individual should be an adult which means he should be of 18 years age †¢ Must have lived in Australia for about 4 years on the specified permanent residency visa (for years) before applying for Australian citizenship †¢ Within that 4 years of time that individual is allowed to live only for a year outside the country Kit fulfils all the above criteria and thus is able to become a citizen of Australia. He also has his own house there along with personal and spouse bank account. However he has duration of maintaining this citizenship which could be of two categories, †¢ Form 1300t Australian citizenship - General eligibility for applicants aged 18

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The Stages Of Cognitive Development - 774 Words

The proposed four stages of cognitive development are developed by Piaget. He supposes that, in a specific order, all of society passed through the four stages that he established, generally with precise ages. The first stage is the sensorimotor stage. This earliest stage, occurring from birth to two years of age, involves differentiation of self from objects. The child participates in action and begins to act purposely. Then, child comes to understand that objects still remain in existence even when they are out of sight. As a limitation, this stage seems to only support thinking only by doing. The second stage is the preoperational stage, occurring roughly the time child begins speaking to possibly seven years old. During this period, intelligence is established through symbols, language use matures, and memory and imagination are developed. As a limitation, the preoperational stage lacks the concept of conversation. The third stage is the concrete operational stage, which occurs around the time a child is in first grade to possibly eleven years of age. In this stage, intelligence is demonstrated through logical and systematic manipulation of symbols related to concrete objects. As a lim itation, operations are only carried out on concrete objects, and also limited two characteristics at the same time. The fourth and final stage is the formal operational stage, which happens around adolescence to adulthood. During this stage, intelligence is established through theShow MoreRelatedThe Stages Of Cognitive Development1395 Words   |  6 Pageschain of four serious stages of cognitive development, according to Jean Piaget, who is a well-recognized psychologist. Through the observations he made of children, Piaget established a theory of development involving four stages: the sensorimotor stage, which is from birth to the age 2, the preoperational stage, from age 2 to about the age of 7 and the concrete operational stage, ranging from age 7 to 11. The last stage of his development was the formal operational stage, which begins in adolescenceRead MoreThe Stages Of Cognitive Development1290 Words   |  6 Pagesstudy of cognitive development that researchers and scientis ts still use today. Piaget’s Cognitive Theory includes the four stages of cognitive development from birth to adulthood: Sensorimotor, Preoperational, Concrete operational, and Formal operational. These stages include thought, judgement, and knowledge. He made the claim that children may enter these stages at different ages, but insisted that cognitive development always follows this sequence, cannot be skipped, and that each stage is markedRead MoreThe Four Stages Of Cognitive Development951 Words   |  4 Pagesmodel for the study cognitive development. This model explained how a child’s cognitive skills develop over their lifetime, which will eventually result in more of an adult way of thinking; or a more elaborate and logical way of thinking. Unlike other psychologists who were studying cognition, Piaget believed that children were not â€Å"tiny adults†, who had to eventually access a more complex way of thinking over time. Instead, he believed that a chi ld’s cognition progresses in stages through the processRead MoreStages Of Emotional And Cognitive Development1242 Words   |  5 Pagesand cognitive development in children and the role of nurture and nature. In understanding the emotional and cognitive development in children, many theorists including Bowlby and his attachment theory, Baumrind theory towards parenting styles and also Vygotsky and his theory on social development, have all worked hard over many years of research into producing theories on understanding how the development of children is important. It has been found that emotional and cognitive development are becomingRead MoreThe s Stages Of Cognitive Development1403 Words   |  6 Pagesamaroszaman Two characters that I choose for this assignment are John Bender and Brian Johnson. In reference to Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, I categorized Bender and Brian in formal operational stage because of their age. Besides, both of them also shows characteristic of adolescent egocentrism. As for Bender, we can see that he had developed the sense of invulnerability because he had taken many physical risks and do not think about the negative consequences of his actions. Brian showsRead MoreStages Of Cognitive And Moral Development810 Words   |  4 PagesStages of cognitive and moral development, Interests and learning styles, and Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences To meet my students’ needs, I will begin supporting them psychologically, academically and develop classes that appeal to a wide range of different bits of intelligence. I am going to develop assorted techniques to construct my lesson activities that allow students to relate to the subject matter in ways that fit their interests, learning styles and strengths. IRead MorePiaget s Stages Of Cognitive Development1072 Words   |  5 Pagespsychology concepts including Piaget’s stages of cognitive development, psychoactive drugs, and dreams. The first concept that I can relate to is Piaget’s stages of cognitive development. Jean Piaget came up with this concept about how a child’s brain develops throughout their life. There are four stages: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational. The two stages I can specifically relate to are the sensorimotor and preoperational stages. I have a three year old cousin whoRead MorePiaget s Stages Of Cognitive Development Essay1495 Words   |  6 PagesJean Piaget developed a cognitive approach to studying and classifying behavioral growth in stages. He believed that each child matured and learned at a different rate, so even though children mature in the same cognitive sequence, there might be separation in the achievement of each level from one child to the next (Swartwood, 2012, p. 46). Piaget’s four stages of cognitive development are Sensorimotor, Preoperational, Concrete Operational, and Formal Operational (Swartwood, 2012, p. 49). PiagetRead MoreThe Individual s Stage Of Cognitive Development999 Words   |  4 Pagesher conservation skills using one of the tasks described on pp. 148-151 in your textbook. Describe both the test(s) and the results. What does performance on the object permanence or conservation task tell you about the individual’s stage of cognitive development in Piaget’s theory? If the individual is a child, adolescent, or adult, ask the individual to draw a picture of what a human being would look like if he or she had three eyes instead of two. Ask the individual where the thirdRead MorePiaget s Stages Of Cognitive Development930 Words   |  4 PagesThe Cognitive Development theory refers to the ability to learn through thinking and reasoning. Theorist Jean Piaget developed the stages of cognitive development according to age and how individuals learn through their environment and senses. Based on Stages of Cognitive Development (Driscoll/Nagel ,2008), these stages are from infant to teenage years with specific abilities. The first stage of Piaget’s stages of development is called Sensorimotor, which starts at birth to two years

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Museum Of Fine Arts Boston Paper On Two Works Essay Example For Students

Museum Of Fine Arts Boston Paper On Two Works Essay The content of this work is as the title implies. This painting is of a storm in the mountains. It closely resembles a later work that is slightly more famous, by the same artist called Storm in the Rockies. Both works are done from similar perspective and are of the same set of mountains. For this reason believe this piece is a narrative work, it is the first painting of a pair that shows the progression of a storm through the Rocky Mountains. At the bottom in the foreground, tress and bushes are blowing in the wind from left to right. Beyond these trees a flat and mostly open field stretches into the distance. On either said of this field steep mountains and rock faces sprout form the ground and rise up to the edges of the picture plane. At the top left corner a dark cloud looks as though its moving across the sky. As it moves from left to right on the canvas it gets lighter and starts to move downward, and the white clouds engulf the top of the mountain on the right side of the picture plane. The lower portion of the mountain face on the right is drenched in a stream of yellow sunlight that is also traveling from left to right. Storm in the Mountains is a work of the fine arts as it is purely nonfunctional. I would certainly consider it to be a naturalistic work but there is also a feeling that it might be idealized or in other words shown slightly more beautiful than it actually appeared to the artist at the time of viewing. When and Where: Storm in the Mountains was painted in about 1870 in a New York art studio. Albert Bierstadt was born in Germany and at two years old his family immigrated to America and settles in New Bedford Massachusetts. Beginning in 1859 Albert made three trips to the west and made oil sketches along the way, once he returned to his New York studio he used these sketches to make panoramic views of the western world that he saw. Description of Historical Content: Alberts paintings emphasized the spectacular landscapes of the west, sometimes exaggerating what he had seen. This came at a time when the west was capturing Americans interest. When these painting were completed back in the east people saw them and they quickly found there way into public and private collections. They captured peoples imaginations and interest in the expanding American west. The Medium: Storm in the Mountains is oil paint on stretched canvas. This painting is defiantly not painterly or imposto, all the brush strokes are short and thin and are hard to see on the canvas. The frame is wood and painted gold. It really helps the painting to jump off the canvas as the area right near the frame on the picture plane is very dark and the frame is a vibrant gold. Attraction to the work: What first attracted me to Storm in the Mountains is the explosive color that the sunlight brings to the painting. Most of the picture plane is dark and dull except the incredible yellows and greens that glow on the canvas as a stream on sunlight breaks through the clouds and onto the mountain side. These yellows and greens that truly seem to glow from the canvas are what first got my attention. Once I stood and observed the work for a while it almost seemed as though the clouds were moving and the tresss really blowing I could feel what the air must have felt like and could imagine how the sun felt breaking through the clouds. The painting gave me a mentally image of the scene in action. Personal meaning: There is a strong feeling that goes along with any work that has a light from above breaking through the darkness and clouds. To me it represents overcoming sadness and depression, or the old saying that every cloud has a silver lining. It says no matter whats wrong things will get better. Universal meaning: I would think the universal meaning in this work would be close to my personal meaning. A flowing stream of sunlight breaks through the dark clouds and bathes the once dull mountain side with beautiful sunshine. This image could represent god looking down from the heavens. It might say to people that god is looking down upon them. It may give hope to those that feel dull and drowned in darkness. Paul Cezanne Biography EssayThe Medium: Old Brooklyn Bridge was painted in oil based paint on stretched canvas. The frame that surrounds the painting matches it perfectly and almost seems as though it is part of the painting itself. It is silver in color and it appears to be metallic. The frame matches the cables the run along the painting from bottom to top and the side of the frame runs almost parallel to them. Attraction to the work: When I walked into the gallery that the Old Brooklyn Bridge was hanging in I first noticed its scale. Its a large scale piece at (76 1/4 x 68 1/4 in.) The second thing that really attracted me was the deep and bright colors. The deep blues of the night sky and the vibrant red of the street lights really give the painting a pop. There is also a lot of contrasting going on between blacks and whites in the painting. Personal meaning: Im not sure this painting expresses a deeper meaning to me. I choose it not because of its meaning but because I enjoyed looking at it. Its a painting Id like to have in my house and see everyday. I like that it has a modern feel even though it is more than 60 years old. Universal meaning: I believe the painting Old Brooklyn Bridge represented a change in American thinking, just as the bridge itself forged old and new technology together, so did the painting. The futuristic abstraction of the old bridge represented in the painting is a symbol of the old changing into the new. I believed people saw this work as uplifting. Design Elements, and Compositional Elements: This work is full of various types of lines. Just about ever object in the painting has contour lines surrounding them. There are also many cross contour lines, where the cables in the painting cross in many spots. Most of the lines in the painting are straight and meet at sharp points and right angles. There is a lot of shape repetition going on also; there are many rectangles and triangles through out the work. Color is a very important part of the painting. The flowing blue that is seen throughout gives off a soothing feeling. The red of the stop light at the lower middle of the painting draws your eyes in to the first focal point of many in the work. From there an implied line starting at the point of the red triangle of the stop light creates a visual pathway up to the second focal point, which is the gothic arches at the top center of the work. From there your eyes follow the cables back down to the bottom of the work. Joseph Stellas Old Brooklyn Bridge is a formally composed painting, it appears to be well though out and was probably sketched many times prior to being painted. The painting has a strong feeling of depth, this is due to cross hatching lines that the cables create as they run roughly parallel to each other and meet at a vanishing point at the top center on the picture plane. The painting also appears to have 3 dimensional qualities because the artist used linear perspective, everything that is supposed to be perceived as farther away from the viewer is smaller than the objects that are perceived to be close to the viewer. Joseph also uses a method called position; with this method Joseph positioned objects he wanted to be seen as close to the viewer, low on the picture plane and object that should appear further away from the viewer higher up on the picture plane. Joseph also uses approximate symmetry as both sides of the painting are very similar. Joseph used many of these techniques he used to paint Old Brooklyn Bridge throughout his carrier and had mastered them by this late point in his life.